Sunday, March 21, 2010

About GC, 2rd Change Part #2

About two weeks i'm have been messaging with her since the first surprise message that i'm received. Lots of stuff and things we were talking. I gave her one hint about how much i like her but i'm guessing she didn't manage to figure it out. It is not that i'm afraid to told her but something been holding me in what reason that i'm really don't know.

Maybe i'm thinking so much about the consequence that possible happen when it confirm to be my sweetie. Maybe i'm should told her honestly or pretending as usual but one thing that i'm sure about her is when i'm calling her sweetie, she didn't mad at all in times two weeks while we are messaging. At one time i'm seriously told her how much i'm will support her in what ever situation that comes to her and we promised to take care each others.

It's that mean she like me or not? Oh gosh, this difficult task to me. Too much question floating in my head. Maybe should ask her about her feeling to me whether is more like friend or special friend or just asking her to be my sweetie directly and wait for her reaction to those question. Yup, i'm should do it and than will know the answer but what if the answer is no same as last time i'm propose her?

Should i'm given up or waiting for her? Until than, we wait and see.

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