Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About GC, 2rd Change Part #1

When first time seeing her, i don't know whether i'm fall in love with her or not. Each time seeing her, my heart always beeping so hard. Don't why but it's that my heart feels. Everyday excited to see her even thought we didn't talk to much to each others but i'm feel comfortable with her.

Two years ago, i have been purpose her but she rejected me because she saying that she already taken by someone. I'm accepted with pleasure. Thinking that is not my destiny to having her and plus it's against my rules. But in present days after several years didn't message and big surprise to me which is 4 days ago she message me.

Honestly i'm very happy and thought should taking this change to tackle her again to be my sweetie. He He..Don't know whether she can accept it or not? Just wait and see the conclusion of last message that i have been send to her last night.

Hopefully she can figure it out. If not, just acting as usual and pray that one days she will love me. Love can't be rushed, it takes time to know it.

P/s: Feel so nervous with the last message.
P/s/s: First entry using fully English.
P/s/s/s: Macam gampang grammar. Hehe...

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