Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reminder To Myself

Get back your courage momo...

Be strong, retain your energy to study...

Implant in your mind must score 4 flat for this semester...

Study hard as much u can...

Most importantly always get blessing from ALLAH....

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bLosSom86 said...

hye.juz wana share some motivational words:)

love ur life.
believe in ur own potentiaal.
wake up each day wif the awe of juz being alive.
forget the past.
take the power to choose what u want to do and do it well.
open your heart and your mind to every opportunity.
dont be afraid to keep trying.
create ur own dreams.
colour ur life wiff ppl and things u luv.
focus on all that is good.
life always get better wif a +ve attitude!:)